Monday October 11, 2010 Week 7

Midterm Review/Exam

-Notebook/Journal. 3 ring binder w/ dividers (In tabs)

1. Syllabus (write name, ID, blog/vimeo/site.

2. Handouts

3. Notes

4. Critiques

5. Events

6. Projects/Assn. (Proposal, Script, etc)

7. Tests/exams

CD-R – Videos: Large (720 x 480), Medium (320 x 240), Small/Web (160 x 120)


use quicktime video

Don’t try to upload video’s in ANGEL (Videos are way too large to upload in ANGEL!) Send the youtube or vimeo address in angel and also post the videos on your blog and send the link through ANGEL for video projects.

The in camera narrative project is due Thursday October 14, 2010.


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