Week 9

“Through the cracks”


Always going to have problems when shooting a film. Don’t need money.

Guest speaker “Jesse

Teen Lesbian, dear mother

canon xlt

helps to write.

Dig into the psyche. Show the inside and out. obsession = drama.

your film is your film. there is always someone who will not like your film.

Go handheld and follow the person from the waist. Don’t hold up on shoulders because its home movie style. create different angles.

Shaky isn’t too bad for that independent look.

Get a reflector and use the sun. Have to find a way to get the shot you need.

Just make a film.

don’t want to mix lights. think about light source and white balance. when it comes to lights find a fuse box because you will probably blow a fuse.

20-30 panels give and take for storyboards. typed for final storyboard.


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