Week 10 Final Cut Pro basics and Storyboard layout

In class today we discussed the basics of Final Cut Pro.

Take out hand out on Final Cut Pro and take notes on demo in FCP and FCP express. Complete 2nd draft script and rough storyboards, be sure blog is updated

Fri/Sat/Sun music video shoot hip hop group god silla (extra credit) see me for details

Next Mon class will meet to see – For colored girls @ Magic Johnson theatre @ 5:45pm (write a critique on the movie)

We discussed storyboard layout. the scene/#, shot/#, camera angle (CU, MS, ES), action, audio (dialogue/music,narration). We are allowed to do hand drawings, vector (digital) drawings, photography, celtx software. Fill in entire frame of storyboard. Include video, dialogue, and action below. Final storyboard and Final Draft script are due no later than November 11, 2010.

Storyboard and script should go hand in hand. Ask questions who, what, and where. 15 – 20 storyboard box’s. Doesn’t have to be extremely detailed or in color but show the foreground and background.  The information should be below the drawing. Indicate various camera angle and transitions as they relate to the storyboard and the script.

Storyboards make the time of creating a story more efficient. They allow the idea to appear on paper. Storyboards help you visualize what you want to put on the big screen. Scriptwriting and storyboards lay the foundation of your story and they provide you with a concrete plan.

*check out the AFI education video on “how to create a storyboard” on youtube

Always bring a “release form” and get permission for music and rights to shoot in location.


Animatic is an animated storyboard.

Double up video is two songs in one.

Release form (extremely important) you can’t just go places and shoot. It is mandatory that you ask for permission!

(link) how to storyboard your film: Indy Mogul (youtube.com)


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