Week 1

13 September, 2010

Today in class was about the photo roman project.

We discussed building a story with only a series of photos. No video will be involved. A photo roman is a sequence of images put together to tell a story. The images we use must be royalty free and can be vector or raster based. We must create a story using 15-30 images that create a modern adaptation of a nursery rhyme, folktale, fable,or childhood story. Cannot use any words or text. Only pictures can be used to tell the story. There can be some audio but only without words. Try to create something that has never been done before or a newer version of a folktale.

APR (720 x 480) Aspect Pixel Ratio

PPI/DPI Pixels Per Inch/Dots Per Inch (72 PPI/DPI)

Mode (Image)

RGB (Red Green Blue)

Always work in the four above.

The Rule of Thirds

Can use paint, pen & ink, color pencils, etc,..

Burn project to a blank CD-R with a case!

Photo Roman originated in France.

Think of who, what, when, where, and how.

Beginning, middle, end (setup, confrontation, resolution)

Vimeo, Youtube

imovie, final cut pro

Photomanipulation in photoshop

Preset: Film & Video

Size NTSC DV (National Television Standard)

Digital Video

Pixels (work in pixels, not in inches)  – Width 720 pixels, Height 480 pixels

Save as a JPEG or PNG

Can do all images layer by layer in photoshop then export them into imovie

Find written script of story. Don’t  just make one up.

PNG =  graphics, logo’s, and artwork

JPEG = photos

Have a blog post each week (a minimum of 2 posts). Everything needs to be on your blog (ideas, artwork, proposals, treatment, creative brief, etc,.)


1) begin with a background/location, scene/physical environment (where?)

2)Download/save to jump drive.

A clear beginning, middle, and end. What is the focus to be on the images telling the story. Email blog via ANGEL

“Anansi and Brother Death”, “Hansel and Gretel”

Read ch.1 & ch.2 of both required text.

Send blog!

Have a blog for each class

Write a critique on the movies Inception, A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop, The American, THX 1138. E Street Gran Mar Theatre (E Street Cinema) in D.C. Talk about the plot, story, acting, and directing. Attach a ticket stub to critique as proof.

Landmark Theatres.com to check for movie listings


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