Gregory Wills ART 360 Digital Cinematography (001) Week 3

20 September, 2010

Today class was about 

We discussed 

Upload copy of proposal

Converting document to Pdf: Go to file > print > left hand bottom corner save as pdf > save as Pr1PropasalWILLS > click save

Keep a copy of everything! 

PDF is the doc format you want to stick with througout this class. 

When we brief films talk about the film. Be sure to type  and complete brief critiques (2-3 paragraphs minimum; typed) in your notebook journal and blogs. They should discuss the subject matter (plot/theme), production and technical aspects, as well as your own personal (and informed) reaction to the film/video. Be sure to provide the name and title of each work in your critique as well as provide a date.

Will be required to check out cameras to go out and shoot on campus. 

Will be able to choose which series or episode you would like to talk about. Talk about the plot and theme. one for each. 

You should have an important story to tell.

Just Like Me by Kira Davis 

got alot of hits off a viral video. 

What is beauty to you?

The landlord of Will Ferrell

The Good Cop, Baby Cop

If I Could Do It All Again by Corrine Bailey Rae 

Repitition, Lighting, Rule of Thirds, Composition, Juxtaposition

Look for the lighting, acting, clothing, make-up, etc,.

The Story is your best selling point. 

Charlie Chaplin

3 Act structure – Act 1 beginning, Act 2 middle, Act 3 end. (ch.1)

What is your story? – who, what, when, where.

Share your story with as many people as you can to see their inputs and opinions.

Create a 5-8 minute video. Don’t go to 10 minutes.

Who will tell the story? Narrator? 

How will your story be different from other stories in the genre?

Upload proposals, treatment and script via ANGEL before next class.

Plot or theme is doing a documentary.

What are we getting out of this story? (screen writing software) Download celtx (don’t use Microsoft Word to create script!) (have to pay) 

save and export scripts from celtx as a .PDF 

Contact Information:


Student ID

Class (Art 360)


Project *

Version (DRAFT 1)

-In-Camera narrative project

Black and white solid film. No audio. Shoot on campus. Think of an interesting person or scene someone local that you can tell the story of. 3 minutes long. 

-10 ways to shoot a chair

Shot Size: The long shot (LS), the medium shot (MS), the close up (CU).

Focal Length: Wide angle, normal, telephoto.

Depth of field deals with subject matter in focus. Distances are exaggerated.

Telephoto lens magnifies your subject. 

Wide angle lens blows the face out for dramatic effect. 

Camera Angle: High, normal, low

Shot Attributes: Shot size,