Week 12: Final Cut Pro and Basic Filming Advice

15 November, 2010

PR 8B: Sample Budget (based on your production) Due 11/15/10

Kanye West – Runaway video (critique)

Most of the shots are in slow motion making video unique and eerie. The video has a lot of variety with a mixture of bright colors and emotion. Many variations of music and lyrics express sad and happy emotions. The sequences throughout the video are very intense while the music is eerie. Very disturbing but unique and original. The video deals with the whole concept of the phoenix. It is said that as the phoenix burns its ashes give birth to new life. Some of the scenes seemed to represent symbolic and historical gestures. I appreciated how each song matched the scenes in the video successfully. There was a lot of symbolism throughout the video that made me think. Some scenes were dark and gloomy while others were colorful and jolly like something seen out of a fairy tale. While watching the video I couldn’t stop thinking of what it would be like if I lost my mother because Kanye West’s mother passed away a few years ago. It was very depressing to see the video especially at the end when he woke up alone with the music playing.

For Colored Girls – Movie (critique)

I don’t think I will ever watch this movie. I didn’t see “Precious” by Tyler Perry because I heard of how graphic and disturbing the scenes are. From hearing the reviews about the movie “For Colored Girls” it seems way too intense for me to watch. I like movies with happy endings although I do enjoy some of Tyler Perry’s positive movies such as “Why Did I Get Married” and “Medea’s Family Reunion” because they are humorous and educational. The one I thought was pretty good was “Daddy’s Girls” because for once the black male was portrayed as a hard working and loving father instead of a dead beat dad. Perry is a good storyteller but some of his stories in my opinion are way too graphic and cruel. I enjoy drama’s with a good ending that teach but some of Tyler Perry’s movies don’t necessarily teach but just reveal dramatic scenes that shouldn’t have taken place in anyone’s lives let alone reinvented onscreen. In my opinion, Perry lets his own biases that occurred throughout his childhood into the films he directs. As a result this, some of the scenes are over exaggerated and too intense especially for people who have lost a loved one or who have been sexually abused. After watching many of Tyler Perry’s films I don’t believe that his intention is primarily to “male bash” black men because I do not witness this in most of his films. It is evident that he lets his own biases affect how he directs his films and the way african american characters are portrayed as one-sided especially when we are all different. When people view a movie that is too intense and dramatic with a specific culture of people behaving a certain way they usually think that it is true. This leaves the viewers brainwashed with a false perception of someone without actually getting to know the person.

We discussed a demonstration on Final Cut Pro

J (rewind), I (mark in), O (mark out)

preview clips in the viewer. Think of the sequence as an edit section.

You only need permission on a release form if you are on private property. Try to stay away from logos and blur them out. Download the survival guide for release forms.

Think of contrast, continuity, light balance.

A jim crane is very useful for aerial views. Think of depth of field.

Shooting Advice:

Don’t depend on the microphone on the camera when it comes to sound. Don’t use the zoom button. Physically move the camera out. Skateboards or wheelchairs are great dollies. If you don’t have a tripod use a book to keep the camera steady. Use sony DV tapes. Sony are the best to use from best buy or target. A shot list is important to keep with you while shooting. Shoot as much angles as you can (shoot more angles than you need). Edit angles in Final Cut Pro. Take a crew while shooting and be silent when shooting (just ask a question to get a response). Always be kind to people who are letting you shoot in their area because kindness is free. Be respectful to the crew and thank them for helping.


Adobe After Effects like photoshop for video

Final Cut Pro

Depth of field


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