Week 12: Optimizing

Tuesday 23 November, 2010

Today’s class was about optimizing

Complete Web Prototypes then optimize/export as html and images into root folder

anything photographic (jpeg)

graphic image, flat colors, logos, filters and effects (GIF)

keep html


  • try to slice as few areas as you can determining which will be saved as a jpeg or a gif file.
  • get away with as few colors in the optimize and align menu as you can while still retaining quality and a reduced file size.
  • in the 2-up menu try to get the image on the right side to look like the image on the left side as close as you can. the internet compresses files so you will lose image quality.
  • file – export – html and images – extension = .html –
  • create a new folder and call it “images”. place all of slices into the “images” folder either saving each slice after optimizing as a jpeg or gif file.
  • keep html pages under 100 K (40-60 K is best) – use slicing for tables, images, and content.
  • after optimizing each individual slice right click – export – set export to: html and images, html: export HTML file, and slices to: export slices. Check the boxes: include areas without slices, put images in subfolder, and current page only.
  • save everything as lowercase. (index.html, contact.html, ebook.html, about.html)

jpeg is raster based. photos work well with jpegs and not too well with gif’s. jpeg you reduce the amount of quality while with gif’s you reduce the amount of color. Try to get the quality as low as you can while still retaining the image quality.

graphics interchange format (gif) is vector based. mainly used for flat colors and images. Gifs work with the reducing of the amount of colors being displayed.


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