Week 13: Production Materials

I. Complete submit production materials that are due printed in a production binder no later than wednesday 11/24/10: (the script should be first in the folder and everything else behind it)

-release forms (talent, extra, location)

-script/shot breakdown

-production schedule/outline

-casting analysis

-music license (if applicable)


-final script

-critique for “For Colored Girls”

II. 3-point lighting; more w/ FCP and OPPOSITES project.

  • schedule 1-2 days for shooting.
  • 3 point lighting: #1 key light (also known as the main light), #2 fill light, #3 back light (also known as a accent light or a kicker) (for bringing subjects forward). its very easy to blow a fuse so try to find different circuits to plug lights into.
  • Let lights cool for 15 minutes before using, don’t touch the bulbs or you will get burned!, do not plug all of the plugs into one circuit or you will blow a fuse.



Concept Vocabulary

sample budget



post production

sequence a series of scenes and shots.

Final Cut Pro

Want to have 2 monitors. Go to log and capture to designate the scenes. Get in the habit of logging your scripts.

Put all content into one folder

Opposites project

come up with a story that deals with opposing forces. Ex: ying and yang, black and white, male and female. Incorporate some type of lighting, audio, and dialogue. Always shoot for coverage.


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